Shore Excursions

Feel the thrill of floating through the centuries old caves and feel the excitement of being underground seeing interesting formations carved out by rainfall. Afterwards, enjoy a tasty Belizean Lunch. 

Enjoy a half-day adventure off the beaten path and into the jungle on a powerful all-terrain vehicle (ATV), followed by time on a private beach. Fully automatic and easy to operate, you’ll take control of your ATV along a winding jungle trail, across a river bed or climbing to a mountain top for a great overlook. 

Travel through the beautiful landscape in an off road Jeep Wrangler, then jump in for an amazing snorkel excursion at Cozumel's marine park. Drive your Jeep (4 per car) along dirt roads between the breathtaking Caribbean Sea and the mysterious interior jungle lagoon where you'll stop to look out for the king of Cozumel’s wildlife – the crocodile!

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